Now that's a cool ride ...

As I mentioned last week, my friend Graeme, whose Aspect warriors I have been painting, created a rather cool conversion to serve as the leading Warlock for his Eldar warhost, and I got the opportunity to paint it up for him!

Eldar Warlock on Jetbike conversion

Eldar Warlock on Jetbike conversion

I think it came out quite nicely. His army has a blue theme to it so I went with a graduated type design for the hood, that is then replicated in the flares at the back of the bike. Should make him stand out nicely as a centerpiece of the army!

((and as an army collection and painting aside - if you looked closely at the aspects I posted over the last month or so, you may have noted the blue livery, and ties, that I managed to squeak into each of them! Even though Eldar armies are usually bright and have very varied color schemes, mainly thanks to the aspect warriors, you can still try and have some unifying factors, even if they are subtle.))

Not sure what's next up on the painting table, will have to see what I fancy doing next ...