Montreal Indie opportunities ...

Looking to seriously get into indie development? There are two programs here in Montreal that are worth checking out with current opportunities opening up.

I've mentioned the female dev program over at Pixelles before, and they are now open again for the next game incubator program. make sure you check it out if you are interested! If you have ever wanted to make a game but didn't know how or where to start this is a great opportunity. The Pixelles team provides a great environment to work on your first game over a six week workshop. No programming or previous games experience required, and it's totally free, you can't say better than that!

Also the team at Execution Labs are now accepting applications for their second wave of new indie teams. The team at Execution provide an incubation and acceleration service to help get your indie studio off the ground. It's a great program and provides some great assistance if you have a small team looking to make the jump and go out on your own! You can find all the details here.