Dual Kickstarter Action ...

These two are games I've mentioned before on the blog, but are now in the midst of their fundraising campaigns. Both are by indie teams that I know, and they have some cool, interesting, ideas for these two very different titles.

First up is one I have mentioned a few times here, the wonderful Festival of Magic by Oslo based Snowcastle games. They are not starting from scratch and are looking for funds to keep the development of this ambitious (and gorgeous looking) JRPG inspired project going. Already at the alpha stage and a good deal into development check out their project for all the details!

Then we have Astrobase Command which comes from a team that includes Dave Williams, who was one of my systems leads on Age of Conan, and went on to do the system design for The Secret World and be the producer on Anarchy Online, my original stomping ground! It's an intriguing 70's themed space station simulator which promises some really interesting procedural storytelling and management style systems. 

It's a tough time of year for Kickstarter campaigns as they run into the holiday sales and such, so make sure you check out these indie projects, and support them if you like what you see!