Some Swiftclaws

Finished up some bikers to add to the growing ranks of my army of space vikings. These were kit-bashed a little with the grey hunter kit to give them some Space Wolf flair.

Space Wolf Swiftclaws

The three smaller bikes are the models from the 6th Edition Dark Millennium box. I didn't need them in their original Dark Angel form, so a few wolf icons and viola - some Swiftclaws.

Not sure whether they are worth the points in a game, but I build more for the fun of painting the army than effectiveness on the battlefield. 

Wasn't entirely happy with how these game out, but I did like the effects you can get with the new technical paint that Games Workshop released just before Christmas. They are great for doing quick rust and dirt effects.

Leaving the Space Wolves aside for a while next. Moving on to a Warmachine army, a small Cygnar battleforce, and the contents of a few of the new games I have received through Kickstarter, most notably the Steampunk Western game - Wild West Exodus. Looking forward to painting those up!