A Troll truck of course!

The last few weekends worth of time at the painting table have spent on a single kit. This is probably the largest, and busiest of the Privateer Press kits I have taken a run at yet. Lots of parts to consider. I think it will make a great centerpiece for the growing warband.

Trollblood War Wagon

I had decided to go for a worn look. I wanted it to be a little rusty and battle damaged, and I think it worked out pretty well. I went with the red panels in order to break up the iron look. It's also the secondary color that I've been working into all my Trollblood warband, so hopefully whatever I field, there will be something of a cohesive look to my warband.

There are lots of great little details on this one, as you can see in the gallery below.

I also tried an experiment with some video. Think I will need to invest in a turntable of sorts if I want to make a thing out of this, but for now it's a start!

Not sure what's next. I have quite the backlog at the moment, so will have to find something fun to tackle next.