Outside Lands 2014

This weekend saw us take the short trip to San Francisco for the Outside Lands music festival. Well, it's mainly music, but to be honest, everything else was every bit as entertaining.

For one, the food was amazing! It's not the first thing I expect for a large, outdoor, music festival with a hundred thousand plus people wandering around, but the catering was excellent. A whole bunch of artisan and gourmet options were scattered across the site. The only downside was that you couldn't possibly have time to taste them all!

Then there was the art, so much awesome art. Lots of cool street art on display

Outside Lands

Some of it was from previous years, but there were also live demonstrations of the artists at work. It was very cool to get to see them at work on new murals.

Outside Lands 2014

You can see some more examples over here on Flickr.

Then there was the surprise on the Barbary stage where a certain famous Shakespearean performer paid an unscheduled visit to the stage and joined the Improvised Shakespeare Company for some hilarious improv in the style of the bard. (Dick jokes it seems do indeed never go out of style) It was an unexpected delight. 

Hilarious show, and famous guests aside the Company is well worth checking out if you get the chance.

All in all it is definitely a festival that I would recommend in a heart-beat! Great location, great acts, and some wonderful food and drink to go with it.

The music wasn't half bad either!