Blizzcon Adventures

This weekend saw our annual convention, Blizzcon, at the Anaheim convention center. It is still a little surreal for me to refer to Blizzard as 'us' and I still get moments, even a year into the experience, where I can't quite believe I get to be a part of all this.

Blizzcon 2014

This was also a huge year for Blizzcon, with so many announcements, so many exciting things happening, and a pretty awesome stable of games showing off new stuff.

For me though the highlight of things like this is always the community. The pure energy that we, as developers, get to siphon off from the crowds. Appreciation, inspiration, pride, and an acute sense of belonging are all things that flow in abundance as you wander the show floor.

Getting to meet folk, and hear their stories, never fails to invoke that sense of being a part of something larger, something special. I have said before that the reason I gravitated towards the online genres was for this reason. The community. Events like this just cement those thoughts. A massive thanks to everyone that I got to meet and chat to over the weekend.

That is the value in the event for me, seeing so many people sharing a passion and coming together to celebrate it! Oh, and the costumes, the costumes are simply amazing. The sheer amount of work that people put into their creations is mind-blowing! Needless to say the camera got a good work out.

The level of craftmanship really was quite stunning.

You can find more pictures from the show over on Flickr as usual.

There was also the great documentary about the World of Warcraft community, and the upcoming tenth anniversary. You can check it out in full over on You Tube.

Since this was my first Blizzcon as a member of the team I'm probably a little bit in awe (the fact that can happen some ten years into a career is pretty cool in my book!), but I can't imagine ever tiring of getting to share such an experience with all the players and fans that make up this huge family of gamers.