My Favorite things in 2014 - Day 15

I wrote about the Abyss Odyssey earlier in the year, so it's no surprise that it makes its way here to my list of favorite things this year. 

The Abyss Odyssey comes from the creators of the Zeno Clash games, ACE Team, out of Chile. so right out of the gates I knew that it was at the very least going to be interesting. I loved the world that they conjured up for the Zeno Clash games. Then I heard it was inspired by fighting games, a genre I'm not exactly the most skilled at. Then it was revealed it was to have procedural rouge-like elements, something that I had very mixed feelings on before it came out, as that wasn't a combination that seemed like a natural fit.

So in summary, on the surface, Abyss Odyssey is a side scrolling rogue-like fighting game, played in a procedural dungeon, and is set in 19th Century Chile. 

Perfectly mainstream right?

It's also a ton of fun, and full of interesting, if occasionally flawed design decisions. 

I played through a couple of more times since I wrote about it the last time, and found the depth that was hinted at in my first play through was kind of there, even for me, who is usually an abject failure at fighting games.

Maybe I just like different games too much, and this one certainly fits that criteria. So if you fancy something a little on the stranger side, check it out!