My Favorite things in 2014 - Day 19

You could argue that today's entry is not a game, rather a tool that uses some of the mechanics of a game. You wouldn't be far wrong.

Elegy for a Dead World is an experience for writers, and maybe simply for explorers. As a writing experience it is a unique and interesting way to use the language of games to inspire some storytelling.

The game finds you exploring strange worlds, whose residents or civilizations have long since passed. It them allows you to enter text as you go (either prompted or free form depending on your chosen mode). As you explore you are encouraged to record your ideas or thoughts about the type of world you imagine it was. Maybe who lived there, maybe what was lost there ... or what is to still be found there.

It's up to you.

It's almost a meditative writing experiment that provides visual inspiration for potential stories.

At the end of the experience weaves your text into a story, that you can then replay or share.

As someone who is both a writer and a gamer, I found this one fascinating. Your mileage will of course vary depending on whether you fancy yourself as a wordsmith, or just want to explore some strange new worlds rendered in an elegant retro style.