My Favorite things in 2014 - Day 21

I enjoyed a lot of good TV this year. In fact we may appear to be in somewhat of a golden age of science fiction and fantasy storytelling on the small screen. That's generally where my heart lies, and between shows like the ever improving Agents of SHIELD, the epic HBO adaptation of Game of Thrones, my personal affection for Falling Skies and other shows mentioned on this list, you might think something similar would by favorite TV experience of the year. 

Not so.

It wasn't even a contest. True Detective was head and shoulders above everything else this year.

A fantastic, tight, tense, and superbly shot crime drama True Detective was elevated by the performances of its two leads.  While Matthew McConaughey's turn as eccentric cop Rust Cohle gained most of the plaudits, personally I thought Woody Harrleson was just as good, and it was their chemistry that pulled the whole thing together. 

I actually watched it all in an almost uninterrupted sitting on HBO Go, having missed the original air dates. I've never done that before for a new show, but it instantly hooked me.

Seek it out, it's fantastic. It's probably close to some of the best TV drama ever. It's that good.