Into the great wide open

Part of the holiday travels this year took us through Arizona and a few days at the Grand Canyon, which was of course, an awesome opportunity for some pictures!

No matter how many times you get to visit the canyon, the sheer scale still gets to you. It's a truly majestic place.

It also begs for some panoramic treatment.

Grand Canyon Panoramics

The artists tower at Desert view is one of the first, and best, viewpoints on the rim as you enter from the east side of the National Park.

Grand Canyon Panoramics

Dawn from the observation station at Yavapai

Grand Canyon Panoramics

A view across the canyon.

This one was taken down on the Bright Angel trail that winds down towards the canyon floor. We didn't have time for the entire trek, but even going down part of the way allows the scale of the canyon to sink in. It's also pretty tough going on the lungs at that altitude. 

We also toured some of the ancient native ruins in the vicinity.

It's hard to believe that ancient people made a living in such a desolate setting.

It was a great trip, and it's humbling to see the power of nature and consider how such things are sculpted over millions of years.