A most barbaric Kickstarter

This one looks like it's going to have an extra cool element for me. The folks at Monolith Board games are creating a new board game based on the world of our favorite barbarian Conan.

Now one of the interesting parts, at least for me, is that they are using a lot of the art and characters that we made for Age of Conan as inspiration and source material for their game.

So one of the side effects of this campaign is that I'm going to get some miniatures based on stuff that I worked on in the past, which is pretty damn cool. I am going to be looking forward to painting these.

There are also a proverbial tonne of miniatures in the pledge, and the campaign is marching towards $2 million dollars! That's one incredibly succesful campaign, and there are still four days left for you to get in on the action!

Check out the details here