It's been a while since I tackled a good old fashioned Space Marine tank, in this case a Land Raider Crusader variant.

Land Raider Crusader

This one will probably see some action on the rare occasions when I give the Space Wolves a run out on the battlefield. It's particularly useful for delivering my terminator clad Wolf Guard right on top of my opponents army. 

Land Raider Crusader

I managed to raid my bits box to find some Space Wolf flavor to theme up the standard Space Marine kit. The shields and emblems manage to avoid making the kit feel to 'busy' while still helping sell the faction. It's also why I went with the open gunner at the top, so I could use another easily identifiable Space Wolf model as the gunner.

I was pretty happy with the metalwork, and the grime, something that's a lot easier these days thanks to the technical paints and inks that are available these days. I still have one of the new Space Wolf fliers sitting, not yet assembled, on the back-log pile, so I think I might be tempted to get that one done as well.