Eldar Wraithlord

Last weekend was a productive one. I managed to finish the latest project, and start on the next! First up was getting the Eldar Wraithlord completed.

Eldar Wraithlord

I struggled a little to find a shading scheme for the green that I really liked, but eventually found something that worked. I realized in doing these current Eldar models that it's actually the first time I have tackled projects with major amounts of green since Games Workshop changed up their paint palettes a couple of years back. 

I really appreciate the large featureless 'head' on the Wraithlord, it just begs for something interesting to be done, and for some freehand work to be engaged in!

Overall I ended up in a relatively happy place with the result. He'll make a decent centerpiece for the fledgling Eldar force I'm building up. 

Next up will be the teams from the Guildball Kickstarter, which arrived on my doorstep this week ... or at least one of them for a start, more on that soon!