Haunting Norwegian Kickstarter Action

I mentioned this project in the wake of GDC this year after I played an impressive demo. Through the Woods by Norwegian indies Antagonist is in the middle of it's Kickstarter campaign, and is well worth a look!

The game takes its cues from the old survival horror games you used to love, while adding an intriguing narrative layer on top.

Set in an atmospheric Norwegian island the story follows the interrogation of a mother whose child has disappeared under mysterious circumstances. The interrogation serves as a dynamic narration (think a more serious version of the same device used in Bastion / Transistor) as you play through her original experience.

Backing the project also gives you instant access to their current demo, and lets you dive in to explore the game for yourself. It's an immersive and genuinely creepy experience, and personally I hope they make their funding goal to help them over the finish line with this project!

You can find all the details over on Kickstarter