Skaven Screaming Bell

This weekend I managed some time at the painting table to tackle a project that has been sitting on the sidelines for a very long time.

I haven't actively played Warhammer Fantasy Battles in almost twenty years, but I have always had a soft spot for the Skaven. Just something about the rat men's pseudo steam-punk aesthetic that rings a bell for me. (sorry, bad inside pun!)

I had thought about starting a Skaven army a few times, and about a year ago I bought a few kits with a view to starting an army ... then they kind of just sat there untouched since.

I have limited time at the painting table at the moment since I broke my ankle, so this one was done in a few installments over the week.

I also gave it a run out on the turntable

It's a great kit with a lot of fine details and character. I was very happy with the treatment, in particular the way the wood turned out. It has some great contrast between the wooden rig and the stone centerpiece that was a cool challenge to tackle.

Not sure whether it will lead to a Skaven force or not (might depend on what happens with the incoming edition of Warhammer Fantasy), but wither way it will look great in the painting cabinet!