Trollkin Highwaymen

The latest addition to my Trollblood warband got finished up this weeked.

The Trollkin Highwaymen are a ten strong unit of pistol wielding ambushers that I am really looking forward to trying out on the tabletop!

I quite often struggle with motivation when it comes to large count infantry units, but the sculpts on these guys are great, lots of cool details, and I really like the feel and style of the unit.

I'm quite pleased with the results and think they turned out well. I think they will probably work well in one of my Gunnbjorn lists.

I was pleasantly surprised that I managed to avoid the fatigue that I usually suffer from when tackling these large units.

I'm still not entirely satisfied with the video set-up for doing these final videos, but I'll keep playing around with different settings and such and see if I can't refine it as we go!

Next up? I'm actually not too sure, possibly the next Guild Ball team, maybe back to one of the last outstanding Space Wolf kits in the backlog.

I think I'm going to wait and see what the upcoming Warhammer 'reboot' Age of Sigmar actually is before I dive into the Skaven fully.