Guild Ball progress!

Last weekend was very productive and one of the other projects I got finished was my second Guild Ball team - The Butchers Guild.

I think the standard of sculpts from this fledgling game is excellent and each team looks and feels very different, with a suitable theme and style that sets them apart from each other.

The Butchers are all about getting in the face of their opponents and chopping them up (and maybe caring where the ball is now and again!)

Guildball Butchers Guild

I went with an earth tones look for them, with the very deep red as the loose 'team colors'

Guildball Butchers Guild

I have enjoyed the few games I have played so far, so ordered another team, the Alchemist Guild, and the play mat that they are offering. It's a fast paced and fun game, more like Warmahordes in tactical flow than the grid based Bloodbowl of old, but it definitely scratches that itch.

I'd recommend downloading the free rules and trying a game or two just with cut-outs if you are unsure, but the sculpts are great, and it has a lot of potential, so my early impressions are good. I hope it's a game that takes off and develops a loyal following!