Into the Flames!

The latest experiments on the painting table were a fiery bunch!

The Northkin Fire Eaters are a new addition to the Trollblood faction for Hordes, and once I saw the sculpts I simply had to have them and add them to my warband.

They also provided me an opportunity to test my painting skills and try some 'Object Source Lighting', that is to say the idea that you paint light onto the model that is being reflected from flames or some such light source. When done well it can mean some excellent results, and the best examples out there can create some great effects!

I'm always up for a challenge, and learning a new technique, so I dived in and started to play with some light effects for the flames.

Northkin Fire Eaters

I'm relatively happy with the results. I actually liked the look of the initial paint work, so I was a little scared of ruining a good job when I started painting the light. However I think it worked out pretty well in the end!

Next up I think I'll be tackling something from the Age of Sigmar box. No idea if I will like the game or not, but there are some nice sculpts in the box! So I have lots of new miniatures to add to the painting queue!