The Forces of Chaos

Making headway into the Age of Sigmar starter box and these are the results so far. I've never been a huge fan of the Skorne aesthetic, but these were still fun to paint. Opinion on the game itself might be split, but the miniatures in the box set are really, really, top quality sculpts. Probably some of the best plastic models I've seen.

I think I prefer the new Stormcast units, but the Chaos side isn't to be outdone in terms of having some particularly potent looking champions.

Order vs Chaos

These miniatures have great details, are a joy to paint, and I tend to like these troops shifting to larger bases

Forces of Chaos

Forces of Chaos -Threx Skullbrand

I'm going to do another squad or two from the box, but I also have the Hordes tenth anniversary box set to paint at the moment. I might be tempted to dive into that instead to take a break from this box.