My Favorite things in 2015 - Day Four

I love stories. As someone who works in a creative industries stories are the basis for everything we do. Myths and legends serve as a reservoir of inspiration for stories, and the broader your exposure to different cultures and mythologies, the most diverse your sources of inspiration become. It's one of the reasons I love travelling. Why history fascinates me.

Thus I also love it when something appears that highlights a culture or mythology that doesn't always get as much attention as maybe it should. 

Moonshot was a book I picked up through another Kickstarter campaign, and is a comic anthology full of stories from the indigenous cultures of North America.

The art is wonderful, and stories tackle a broad range of subjects and themes. It gives a platform to a rich heritage that is alien to many of us. Personally I love the opportunity to explore new cultures, their stories, and their myths. Books like this present an opportunity to broaden a cultural perspective. More stories, more inspirations. 

Also I think it's another fantastic example of the potential of Kickstarter as a platform for the discovery of stories that the traditional media channels would not have given a voice to.

Well worth picking up a copy if you are interested in new voices and new stories ... or should that be new voices ensuring that very old stories continue to be told in the way they deserve to be told.