My Favorite things in 2015 - Day Two

Another day, another thing I liked this year! This time up one of three predominately stealth games that I'll end up talking about before these end of year shenanigans are over.

Volume created by  Mike Bithell (who was also responsible for the excellent indie outing Thomas was Alone), is a a stealth real time strategy affair that finds you taking control of a cyber vigilante trying to topple an evil power in a near future dystopia.

It's framed as modern day Robin Hood tale, complete with the appropriate name checks. The hero's name is Locksley and the villain Gisborne.

Over the course of a hundred levels, you have to navigate, bypass, and thwart, security systems and guards to sneak through the levels unseen, and make away with what you collected. It has a little bit of a Tron vibe going on with it's clean, sleek, visuals in that everything is stylized as if it were a geometric virtual reality.

The voice work is great, with Andy Serkis doing duty as the villain of the piece, and Danny Wallace (who voiced Thomas was Alone) returning to voice the hero. I also liked the soundtrack a lot, as it fit perfectly with the game's aesthetic. 

The pacing is good, and the puzzles just the right side of frustrating. There is also a treasure trove of community submitted maps that can be delved into for further challenges.

In a world full of games where combat answers most of the challenges thrown at you, it was refreshing to play a game that truly asks you to rely on your stealth skills, reflexes, and smarts.

Well worth checking out if you fancy some stealth based enjoyment!