Stone vs Steel

Last weekend I'd finished up a couple of projects, some new Trollbloods, and a new Cygnar character, so I figured that I'd set up some studio shots that showed them both off.

Stone & Thunder vs Iron & Lightning

Setting up these 'battle' scenes is a lot of fun, and shows off the models and poses really well. If it's one thing I appreciate about the Privateer Press sculpts it's the dynamic poses that they imbue their models with.

Stone & Thunder vs Iron & Lightning

The new epic Dire Prophet sculpt in particular was great to paint, so many cool poses, and his familiars are a fun addition. I like that part of the Troll lore, that they go into battle with their storytellers front and center inspiring the troops.

Stone & Thunder vs Iron & Lightning

It's also some great photography practice and tests a different set-up than pure single miniature shots. I like playing with the depth of field, and using it to frame the shots. 

Once I have some more scenery built and painted I think I'll be tempted to do a lot more of this kind of studio shots.