The Edwardian Ball

This weekend we braved the LA traffic to visit the Fonda Theater on Hollywood Boulevard for the annual Edwardian ball.

We went to the San Francisco version last year, and while the LA venue is a little smaller, it's still a great evening's entertainment with some amazing costumes on display!

Edwardian Ball 2016

Edwardian Ball 2016

Edwardian Ball 2016

I wasn't able to bring my full camera gear, but my trusty point'n'shoot was on hand to try and capture a few moments here and there.

Edwardian Ball 2016 Edwardian Ball 2016 Edwardian Ball 2016

It's kind of fun for us to get to re-use parts of our wedding outfits, and the atmosphere at these events is full of a very friendly energy. I also appreciate the opportunity to sneak an interesting picture or two!