Hawaiian Adventures

Last week I got back from an anniversary trip to Hawaii. The wife and I figured we are now as close to the islands as we're ever likely to be, so it was good time to go exploring. It was of course a great opportunity to bring out the cameras. Plus, there were volcanoes!

We started off on Oahu and spent a day on Waikiki beach before driving around Oahu, and visiting the North shore. Then we headed to Hawaii itself to see the big island, spent most of the week there, before heading back to Honolulu for a final day.

The islands really are amazingly beautiful. You can see why many consider them a form of Paradise.

Hawaii in Color

Hawaii in Color - Rainbow Falls

They have a very different geography given their volcanic nature. The landscapes themselves are quite unlike anywhere else you're used to (Unless you live close to another volcano I guess!)

Hawaii in Color

Then there were the volcanoes themselves.

Hawaii: Panoramic

During the day being around an active volcano is almost akin to visiting Mordor. The stench of sulphur amid the stem vents, the smoke bellowing from the magma lake (which is alas below visual sight at the moment), all being whipped by the heavy winds and rain combine to create quite the unique experience. 

Kilauea at night is really quite a magnificent sight. Even from the safe distance at the edge of the caldera, the feeling of being that close to such an example of natures raw power. Click through the picture below to see a short video I shot.

Hawaii: Kilauea at Night

The islands also have an interesting and unique history and culture. It was inspiring to learn a little more about about their heritage and legends.

Hawaii in Color

I also couldn't resist the opportunity to take some black and white images too. Even amid all the amazing colors there is still something special for me about capturing a good black and white picture.

Hawaii in Black & White Hawaii in Black & White

You can find all the picture over on Flickr as always