IEEE GameSIG Showcase

I had a great afternoon on Saturday being a judge for the IEEE GameSIG showcase. This is an inter collegiate competition held locally for game teams. I'm always up for seeing what the next generation of game designers are cooking up, so it's a great opportunity to see some student projects and get some more insight into what they are capable of. 

There were lots of great student projects among the ten on show, and the quality level was impressive, in particular as design and engineering teams at the college level often lack the help of dedicated artists. You wouldn't have known it from looking at some of these. 

The teams varied in size and scale. Some were technical engineering challenges experimenting with ARG tech and Eye tracking interfaces for example. Some were solo projects, others had teams ranging from five to twenty people in size. They all clearly showed a tremendous passion for game development.

They certainly made our decision as judges a difficult one!

In the end two teams from UCI, here in Irvine, tied for the grand prize, and had to share the trophy!.