Teenage Kicks and Memory Lane

In clearing out the last of the unpacking after our most recent move, I found all of my old creative work from the 90s. Mostly material from my last year at school, and my college years. Made for an interesting trip down memory lane.

Teenage me was just as addicted to telling stories, he was just a touch more naive.

There was an old notebook from a project I got to do in my final year at school. An outdoor art exhibit. We made these large outdoor installations that were then displayed in one of the city parks.

We even got featured in the local paper, including a photo of a very, very, young looking me in my early 90s school uniform and denim jacket. 

It is always a little weird seeing all the work that Sixteen year old me put together. (Albeit with a complete lack of copy editing!)

This was possibly the start of my tendency to get 75% of a novel written before I got bored and moved onto another.

I wrote a lot of poetry throughout this period, both because I wanted to, but also as a tool to fight through writers block when I was at college. In a surprise it isn't all awful. Maybe I should get it all transcribed into a digital format and posted somewhere? 

Some of it I had completely forgotten about!

It's always interesting to look back through your old creative work and remember the person who created them. I'm happy that I didn't abandon the urge to create stuff (even if life slowed it down now and again).