Hold the line!

I finished up the Tau Tidewall Defense Line over the weekend so it seemed like a good excuse to try and get some more battle scenes done!

I've been experimenting some more with my new green screen set-up. It's got a firm foothold in the makeshift studio that has now taken over our spare bedroom! (I have a wonderfully understanding wife :) )

For the Greater Good! Tidewall Defense

I'm kind of happy with some of the results, while still cringing at all the lousy edges and examples of my inferior photoshop skills. All part of the learning curve.

The main thing I learned from this attempt was that out of focus things at the back tend to blend into the green screen, and I have trouble defining the edges nicely once I load them into photoshop.

That said, I was happy with the fog effects that I managed to jury rig with some old smoke textures, and a little Gaussian blur.

For the Greater Good! Tidewall Defense

I was happy enough with the set-up. The battle line of Space Wolves approaching the line worked the way I wanted it to.

For the Greater Good! Tidewall Defense

I have a feeling that it's probably my photoshop skills that actually need the most work, and once I get comfortable with a few more techniques for selecting layers and such that I'll be able to take these images to the next level.

I probably need some more scenery in them as well. I need to break up the 'horizon line' where the end of my shooting space meets the green screen.

Still, it's all progress, and some more practice. I hope I'll be able to look back at these in a years time and see that I've managed to get better at these types of shots.