Scaling it down

I've been playing a lot more Infinity recently, and as I get a bit deeper into the game, I want to paint more of the Yu Jing forces that I have collected so far. 

That means forcing myself to tackle the 28mm scale that Infinity models come in. It doesn't sound much of a difference from the 32mm scale that I regularly work with for Warhammer, 40k, and Warmahordes, but it always amazes me how much more challenging the smaller scales makes painting the miniatures. 

This weekend I set myself the goal of finishing two very different miniatures.

Yu Jing Dragon Lady & Hac Tao Hacker

The big guy with the sword is a Hac Tao Hacker, a model so massively costed in game that I'm not sure I'll ever actually field him, but one that had such a nice sculpt that I couldn't resist painting him up.

Yu Jing Dragon Lady & Hac Tao Hacker

Then we have the Imperial Service Judge, one of the new 'High Value Target' miniatures that Corvus Belli recently released. Trying to do some patterned freehand at that scale, on her dress and parasol, was interesting.

So I'm slowly improving at this scale, but I have to admit I don't feel comfortable with it yet. I'd still rather be painting the larger scale miniatures. Still, this is challenging, and there is fun to be had in improving your skills as well!