Yu Jing Imperial Service

I have been enjoying my games of Infinity a lot of late. That has prompted me to expand out beyond my first force. I decided to stay within the Yu Jing faction, and start collecting, and painting, some of their other sectorial force, The Imperial Service.

Yu Jing Imperial Service

The little remotes really remind me of Tachikomas from Ghost in the Shell. I can also see the difference in the more recent sculpts from Corvus Belli, as you can see in the larger guy, the Crane rank agent. 

As I mentioned last time I am going for a very different color scheme for these. Quite apart from being a little bored with all the red (my JSA have a red scheme, and so do my 40k Tau), I wanted something that would visually distinguish this new faction on the tabletop. 

Playing this sectorial will also provide a different style for me to master on the tabletop too. I tend to rely heavily on my ninjas when playing my JSA, so it will be interesting to try a force that can only use one of them.

Next up I'll probably have to tackle some of the rank and file Celestial Guard, we shall see.