Beastclaw Raiders - Stonehorn

For someone who doesn't actually play much of Games Workshop's fantasy offering, I sure do love painting the amazing models in the range.

Beastclaw Raiders - Stonehorn

This was an impulse purchase going into the holiday weekend here in the US. I wanted a meatier than usual painting project, and this was the result!

The skin and hair on this one was interesting. I decided to try and use a series of washes over a graduated three color primer layer. It took a little longer than I thought (and a few more wash layers than I'd thought), but I think the results made it worthwhile. I then picked out the skin details, and the patches where his skin is revealed and shaded the edges with some sepia washes. 

Then for his horns I tried a new technique with wet-blending some grey and metallic paint, highlighting with some Runefang Steel, and then using a Nuln oil wash over that to bring it all together. I was very happy with the results of that part. Worked exactly as I'd envisioned. 

Then I couldn't resist doing a display base for him. Again the cheap and cheerful solution of cork-board, off the shelf spackling, a handful of real rocks, and sand did the trick nicely!

The spackling really works well to create some texture for the rocky surfaces.

It's always amusing when you find yourself painting over real rocks to make them look more like the rocks you need!

All in all pretty happy with the results on this one!

Beastclaw Raiders - Stonehorn