Imperial Service Specialists

The painting table endeavors this weekend saw me expanding my specialist options for my Imperial Service sectorial, and getting some more scenery done.

Imperial Service - Kanren Counter-Insurgency Group

My copy of Red Veil arrived so I took the opportunity to paint the new Ninja sculpt, and put together the scenery pack that comes with the box. Joining her are one of the Kanren counter insurgency troops, and a Celestial Guard hacker.

The card buildings that come with the Infinity starter sets are pretty sturdy, and make for some great, cost-effective, additions to your scenery collection. I love the fact that they are sized so that your other retail boxes can be used to provide extra stability!

I'm not actually certain they need it, but it does give some nice extra weight to them. 

Then finally I painted up some of the ornamental Fu Dog statues and oriental fences from Antenociti's Workshop. They will add some nice Yu Jing flavor to my growing collection of Infinity Terrain.

The weathered bronze effect worked out well for these statues!

Overall a pretty productive weekend at the painting table all told!