The zBrush Quest - Week Four

Another week down, and another set of sculpts that helped me improve my anatomy, while also having a little fun along the way!

I've managed to keep to my schedule of doing at least one hour an evening, and working up a sculpt of a bust to practice my anatomy.

This one was an experiment to try to establish a little bit of character. Then I wanted to try to finish a sculpt that combined all the things I have learnt so far, which resulted in this one ...

I feel like the repetition and practice is starting to help me make real progress, it's also made me reach the point where taking things to the next level might be beyond the scope of this experiment! 

Then I also found time to squeeze in a few creature and alien characters. Some I was really happy with, some were more just experiments with shape and form.

I feel that this guy had a bunch of character, probably the first one of these that felt like he might be a character!

This dragon was an attempt to play with a non-human form. Lots to learn there still!

Then finally I had this one. I kind of like him! I was going for something vaguely aquatic (and then forgot to do anything resembling gills, so maybe he's evolved to land or space!)

Now that I can get the base forms in quickly, I get to play with the details a little more. I feel like this experiment has taught me the basics pretty well, but now real progress will take more. It'll be interesting to see if I can take it further after this practice experiment. If so, I have a feeling it will be the creature stuff, but then I have a sneaking suspicion that I'll want to try to understand how to do texturing (or at least poly painting) . . .

. . . which might all be too much for me, but we shall see, this has been a lot of fun so far.

I  am tempted to try some hard surface stuff too before the end of this. Might dive into that this weekend.