Starting a new faction

I can always tell when a tabletop game has it's hooks into me when I start to branch out beyond my first faction. With Infinity, the Haqqislam forces in the Red Veil box set set me on the path to starting a second faction.

So for the past week or so I've been working on painting up a new Haqqislam force. I've only managed a couple of games with them so far, but I'm enjoying the change of pace they represent from my Yu Jing. 

Haqqislam Forces

The new sculpts from Corvus Belli are a lot of fun to paint. Great dynamic poses, and nice details.

Haqqislam Forces

I went with a desert / sand color scheme for these. The practice at painting yellow is always welcome, and it makes a nice change of pace from the red and blues I've been using for my Yu Jing.

Al Fasid Regiment

Haqqislam Forces

Not sure which direction I will go in regards to sectorial forces, but for now I'm enjoying putting together these miniatures.