Armies on Parade Infinity Style

I picked up some new camera gear for the studio over Christmas, so I couldn't resist experimenting with it to capture some views of my Infinity armies. Given the small scale of Infinity games you aren't usually fielding all these models together, so it was fun to put them all out on the table, if only for some moving pictures!

First up are my recently completed Haqqislam forces.
Then we have the Imperial Service Sectorial that I finished up earlier in the year.
Last, but not least, my original Infinity army, the Yu Jing, JSA Sectorial.
It's not as easy to light the models when the camera is moving, but I'm sure that with a little practice, I'll find a good set-up for these kind of shots. I also got my hands on a little 360° motor, but I'm not sure quite how to use that for miniature photography. I'll need to experiment some more with them to see what I can do with the new gear.