My Favorite Things of 2016 - Day #2

What would happen if you imagine a movie that combined the creative styles of David Lynch, Wes Anderson, and say, Terry Gilliam, to craft a black comedy? You might just end up with something like this

Honestly those comparisons sell short director Yorgos Lanthimos and his creation - The Lobster. It's a brilliantly dark surreal comedy about a dystopian near future, where single people of a certain age, are expelled from 'The City', and are taken to 'The Hotel', where they are obliged to find a romantic partner in forty-five days, or are transformed into beasts and sent off into The Woods.

It's all very strange, but played with such conviction and nuance by a strong cast, that it all works wonderfully well. I like myself some black comedy now and again, and this one combines that with such an original fantasy that you simply can't ignore it.