My Favorite Things of 2016 - Day #3

It seems fitting on the day that Naughty Dog announced new installments of their biggest franchises that I should honor their last one.

Uncharted 4 might have forged it's narrative on a bit of a Deus Ex Machina in relation to the series as a whole, but I'll forgive it when it's executed this well. I mean seriously, you'd have thought a big brother mentor character, who got Nathan into the trade in the first place, might have warranted a mention in the previous three games? 

It is however a narrative flaw worth simply rolling with given that it helps frame what is probably the best Uncharted game to date. Nathan finally has a full set of abilities that make sense now that he can swing around Tarzan style, to add some more gravity defying options to his already amazing climbing skills.  

The folks at Naughty Dog have truly refined the third person action format down to perfection. The game is a perfect blend of set-pieces, exploration, and puzzling. As always I wish the gun play was a little less pronounced. As usual, it's every so slightly hard to accept Nathan as the wise cracking hero they want to him to be, when you try to reconcile it with the body count left behind in his wake. Him and Miss Croft would make a great power couple.

That said, it's not a new complaint for the series, and it's a well worn argument, because everything else is masterful. The game-play is well paced, the characters so well developed within the expectations for the genre, and the set-pieces all work so well, that you can't help but admire the cohesion of the whole thing. It's polished to perfection. Storytelling and game-play feeding each other along the way.

In fact, if you have never played an Uncharted game you could do worse than just diving into this one. You honestly don't need to have played the others to get into this (probably?) final chapter of Nathan Drake's story.