Celestant Prime

This weekend was the perfect downtime for watching the big game, and getting a certain big painting project done. I had been putting off doing the Celestant Prime since I got him at Christmas. I still get a little daunted when approaching these big, center piece, style champion units.

Celestant Prime

My main challenge was that I knew I didn't just want to go with the gold and red scheme that I have used for this army. He is the champion, the focus of attention, and I wanted him to stand out.

So I made the decision to go with an almost inverted scheme. I'd keep the bright royal reds, but switch the silver and gold, so that the gold was the accent to his silver armor.

Then I knew that the wings had to be gold or red, and with red so dominant at the bottom of the model, I decided to paint a gold gradient on his wings. Working out from Balthasar Gold to Retributor Armor.

Then I could focus on the cloak. I always enjoy painting cloaks for some reason, and this one was no different. The red and gold worked well together!

The color choices helped balance the final model nicely. With a sculpt like this one there is definitely the risk of having one part of your color scheme dominate the model, so I was happy with the way this one came together.

Then I went with an electric blue effect for his scepter, artistic license! It can be a lightning meteor!

All in all, I was pretty happy with how he turned out. He will make a nice center piece for the army.

Celestant Prime

Next up will probably be some more Infinity painting, as I have decided to tackle a Tohaa army next.