Audio Story of the Month - Family Fortunes

Another new audio story for you this month. This time converting one of my favorite short stories that I wrote a couple of years back.

Family Fortunes is another of my stories set on the streets of London, although maybe not the one we know. This one tells the tale of two sisters, one date, fates beyond our control, and the type of rivalry that perhaps only siblings can appreciate.

Recording this one as an audio story was an interesting exercise. As always it provided an opportune editing moment. Having to perform the text always finds me reworking some passages that I didn't realize were award before. 

Also in this case, I had two characters, two sisters, who swear at each other. It still felt right for the characters, but it definitely makes you assess that when you have to start vocalizing it. I've never been one to be prudish about swearing if it is appropriate for the character, and here it seemed to fit. 

I always liked this story, and the chance to write dialog between two slightly bitter siblings that have been wedged apart by life.

So I'm happy to share this one. Hope you enjoy!