Starting the Skyfleet

As soon as Games Workshop announced their new Kharadon Warlords faction for Age of Sigmar I was always going to want to paint their ships. Flying Steampunk Dwarves? Yes please!

These are wonderful kits, full of cool little details, and lots of opportunities for practicing a variety of painting techniques.

I started with the Frigate

 I knew I wanted to go with a green and gold color scheme.
 The fun part is weathering the gold and other metal surfaces.
 I also wanted to craft a unique base for the ship, so the corkboard and stucco came out!

These really are some wonderfully detailed kits!
 Then it was on to the final touches, like the crew and some of the smaller details.

I was happy with the finished product.

Then it was on to the Gunhauler. It's the smallest of the new range, and intended to be the escort ships for the larger craft.

I really wanted to make the machine parts look used and worn, but still have a golden color, suitable for our Dwarven kin.

 Experimented with a couple of different ways to do the windows, but still not sure I'm totally sold on any of them. Might keep trying different things there.
 Some runes added to the hull in freehand and he is just about done!
I'm pretty happy with how these are turning out!

Next up I'll be tackling the flagship, the massive Ironclad. Looking forward to painting it!