I am a sucker for giant, rusty, robots.

I managed to pick up the Galleon mercenary colossal from Warmachine recently. I doubt I'll actually ever use it in a game, but I really wanted to paint it.

I have a thing for giant, rusty, robots.

This was a fantastic weekend project.

He really is a hefty chunk of robot. Just cleaning and assembling him took well over an hour. I tend to split them into the chassis and arms to make the arms easy to paint. I do assemble the whole body because I intended to use wash and weathering techniques that rely on being applied evenly across the different sections.

The weathering commence

After I have some the base weathering done I block in the color panels.

Then I continue with the weathering

Then I can start to go back and do some of the detailing. It's a wonderful kit. I lost count of the number of weathering layers I applied to the metallics, but I was very happy with the final results.