Inbound to Devcom

Less than a week until the Devcom developer's conference in Cologne, Germany, and I'm looking forward to getting the chance to speak. 

I'll be giving a session on the merits of creative collaboration, and how to organize teams to build trust. This is a subject near and dear to my creative heart, so I'm looking forward to the opportunity! 

You can find all the details of my session here

It'll also be my first time back at Gamescom for a good few years, (Since I spoke at GDC Europe in 2012 I believe, man how time flies!) so it'll be great to get the chance to see the main event as well. It's also nice to be headed back to Europe for the first time since we moved to California. Planning to take in a few days in Switzerland afterwards, so hopefully I'll give the camera a nice work-out as well!