Mortarion - Painting the Plague Primarch

This one was a joy to paint! I now have a centerpiece for my Death Guard army.


The eternal Primarch of the Death Guard is a fantastic sculpt. I love the dynamic pose, but it was certainly an intimidating model to tackle painting wise!

Blocking out the color scheme. I went with a green / red combo instead of the green purple I used for the Poxwalkers. Felt it suited the tattered cloth parts better, and still worked well together.

Working up the rusting metal parts. Doing this Death Guard army is giving me plenty of practice at this technique. It was interesting however to try to scale up some of that technique to work on the larger scale of this model.

Took a few more washes to perfect.

Working on the details on Mortarion himself.

Mortarion himself just about finished up. Then on to the cherubs and base.

The finished studio shot of the finished model.