2017 at the Painting Table

Another year, and another productive year no less! 

If you had told me last January that I would start and finish up three entire army projects (My Stormcast Eternals, Kharadon Overlords, and a large Death Guard force), and get another two finished (two different Haqqislam sectorials for Infinity), I'd probably have laughed.

I think it is safe to say that this year has been my most prolific year as a painter. There was also a Bloodbowl team finished, a Necromunda gang, all of the Shadespire teams, and some random Tau now and again. 

I even found time for some other fun side projects we'll see below!

I was more disciplined this year in making sure I continued to carve out painting time, and didn't let myself have many 'rest' periods that invariably turn into hiatuses. Hopefully I can keep that going next year!

So here we are, my favorite ten painting projects this year ...

#10 - Captain Kurkova

This was a kickstarter by Infamny miniatures. I don't choose to do larger scale figured very often, so I was happy with the result on this one!

Captain Kurkova - Infamy Miniatures

#9 - Lord Aquilor

Choosing a color scheme for the beast that fit with the golds and reds of my Stormcast was interesting. In the end I went with something that matched it rather than a contrast.

Lord Aquilor

#8 - Kharadon Ironclad

I was always going to be into Steampunk Dwarves, and the new Kharadon Overlords range from Games Workshop was a joy to paint! 

Kharadon Overlords - Ironclad

#7 - Typhus

This is my favorite of the new Death Guard character models. All of the new sculpts have so much character and the new version of Typhus was no exception.


#6 - Galleon Colossal

I have a thing for hulking great steampunk robots, so while I may never actually play a game with this guy I had the chance to paint him this year, so I jumped at it!

Galleon - Mercenary Colossal

#5 - The Lord of Virulence

This one comes from specialist casters Creature Caster and was my first time tackling one of their sculpts. He may even see play as a stand in for a Nurgle Demon of some kind!

Lord of Virulence

#4 - Maghariba Guard

The big spider-like TAG for Haqqislam is a weighty hunk of metal, and a joy to paint. It has also proven pretty damn effective on the battlefield.

Maghariba Guard

#3 - Facing the Kraken!

This was a diorama that my wife and I worked on for Valentines. We learned a lot about how to (not) work with crystal resin, but the results still worked out well!

Facing the Kraken Facing the Kraken 

#2 - Celestant Prime

The center piece for my Stormcast Eternal army was painted in contrasting silver to make him *really* stand out amongst all the red and gold of the rest of my army. 

Celestant Prime

#1 - Mortarion

Easily my favorite project this year. The new Mortarion sculpt is amazing, and it was a joy to paint. He is kind of the pinnacle of the dirty, grungy aesthetic I used for all my Death Guard, and he worked out just the way I wanted. In particular the leather effect on his wings, and of all things, the green goo on his base. 

painting 7299455671682780909

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