My favorite things of 2017 - Day #1

Being the first day of December it's time to start my annual tradition on the blog of having my own little advent calendar of the stuff I loved this year!

So everyday over the next twenty four days I'll list something that I found cool this year.

First up one of the best monster movies in years. One that I am pretty sure next to none of you watched!

In many ways Colossal defies description, and I'm going to tread carefully here as to reveal too much ruins the impact of the film.Not enough people saw this one first time around to indulge in spoilers.

Yes, the central premise is that Anne Hathaway's character somehow controls a giant Kaiju on the other side of the world. This is however so, so, much more than that. It's hard to go into the details without ruining the movie (as much as I'd love to because there is a whole lot to unpack out of the film).

The cast are great, often exceptional,  I'm not sure I've seen either Hathawy or Sudeikis be better than they are here. That gives Colossal the space to go places that you will not expect, and is all the better for it. These characters feel real, all too real on occasion, but that allows is to relate to how they might handle things once a skyscraper sized monster turns up. 

It's a smart, emotional, film that understands how to use what might otherwise have been a gimmick. It's a brilliantly observed character drama that uses it's central, fantastical conceit, on several levels. It's what all the best science fiction or fantasy should be.

The story is really about us, about being human, about lacking direction, and about our mistakes as much as our successes. Yet, the monster is important, this is a movie partly about how people react to monsters showing up, but it is also more, but you'll have to see it to find out why.

You should see it.