Necromunda - painting the Goliath Gangers

This month has seen the re-release of Game Workshop's classic Necromunda tabletop game.

As a fan of the original game many, many, moons ago, I was always going to jump straight on this one! Thankfully one of my favorite gangs, the towering Goliaths, were also chosen to be one of the gangs in the starter set.

Time to get painting!

I went with a yellow scheme. Partly because I wanted to try something different, but also because I wanted to give them an 'industrial' feel in keeping with the Underhive setting.

Painting these guys was a lot of fun, both from a nostalgia point of view, and from a painting perspective. They really are great sculpts.

I used the small details, the hair, their masks, skin color to both create some interesting visual diversity, and that also helps on the tabletop to help me remember which ganger is which.

I'm pretty happy with these! I'll be looking forward to playing a campaign with the gang in the new year!

There is also some great looking scenery and scatter scenery pieces in the box. I couldn't resist rusting some of them up!

All ready for some misadventures in the Underhive!