Corrupted Dunecrawler

I used the long holiday weekend to add the latest conversion to my Nurgle Admech project. This time out I was tackling the Dunecrawler.

This one was a lot of fun to convert. I had wanted to try to create that organic, growing, feeling even more heavily with this conversion ... so started with lots of greenstuff!

Rather than try to sculpt spheres for the 'boils' I used crafting beads. It's a lot faster, and means you get a good polished (or textured as required) surface that won't get squished while you sculpt around it.

The 'mouth' for the canon actually came from one of the arm components on the Rotigus parts from the Greater Unclean One kit that was released last year. The spare parts in that kit have been a vital part of doing this project!

Then it was on to the rusting and painting!

I'm very happy with the process for the rusting now. I start out with a Leadbelcher base, then liberally apply Ryza Rust to the metal areas, before the rust dries I then wash the model with a combination of Army Painter Strong tone, and Army Painter Dark Tone.

Then after wards I can start picking out the details and finishing up the paint job!

I'm very happy with the results on this one! Next up will probably be one of the bi-pedal strider type mechs.