Level Up Rome 2018

I spent last weekend making a flying visit back to Europe. The reason was the Level Up Development conference in Rome, Italy. It was another opportunity to speak about a subject near and dear to my heart - how to build trust and foster genuine collaboration in creative teams.

I have been lucky to have the opportunity to deliver this sessions several times now, and given my passion for the subject, I'm always delighted at the reception it receives. Building trust on creative teams is often one of the hardest tasks we have in game development.

The conference was akin to a smaller scale GDC aimed at helping to develop and grow the local Italian game development community. They had invited a great selection of developers from around the world to cover a broad spectrum of industry subjects and disciplines.

So not only did I get to meet the local developers, getting to meet the other speakers and presenters, helps to broaden my knowledge and make some new friends! The organizers did a fantastic job of putting together an interesting, diverse, and knowledgeable, set of speakers.

They also had sessions using Minecraft as a medium. My Italian isn't good enough to follow what they were learning, but it was nice to see an engaged audience of potential future game developers!

They also had a cool retro gaming section. It is always fascinating to see the younger generations interacting with old games and technology.

Overall it was well worth the trip back and forth to Europe for the weekend, despite the jet lag! I got to meet some interesting new people, and it's always good to get to share some of our experiences with the next generation of developers around the world.