Into the new Age of Sigmar

With the launch of the new edition of Games Workshop's Age of Sigmar I ended up with another new project to juggle, one I hadn't even intended to start.

Initially, when the set was announced, I was content that we were going to get new Stormcast models, and that I could expand on my existing Stormcast army a little. Then, the more and more I saw of the new Nighthaunt models, the more I couldn't resist starting yet another army project.

Me being me, I also couldn't just stick to the regular suggested color schemes ... so I decided that I wanted a blood themed force of ghosts! The Mymourn Banshees were the perfect place to start the experiment.

I was really pleased with how this color scheme came together. I figure the world will have enough of the white / green / blue ghosts, so these were something different.

I think this theme should look great when spun out over an entire army. That might take me some time of course, but I'll look forward to trying to get there!