The Stormhost grows

The arrival of the new Soul Wars box for Age of Sigmar hasn't just given me the excuse to start a new Nighthaunt army, I'm also adding to my Stormcast forces. Pretty determined to get the most value out of this box as possible.

So first up on the Stormcast side of things was the Lord Arcanum and some Evocators.

The Lord Arcanum was a joy to paint. I like these mounted sculpts a lot, and they give me the opportunity to work in some different color schemes on the mounts. This time I decided to eschew the expected bone type colors on the horns and hooves, and instead when with some bright blues.

Lots of great details on this sculpt, so lots of highlighting to work on. I tried to go for a very clean treatment on the cloth. Off white for the Lord himself, and solid red for the charger. 

I was very happy with how this one turned out!

Then I worked on the three Evocators included in the box.

The off white paints that were released to be used as skin tones for the recently released sea elves in Age of Sigmar actually work great for robes and such as well. I've often struggled to make white cloth surfaces look good, so it's great to finally have a solution for that.

Next up will probably be the wonderful new Lady Olynder sculpt for the Nighthaunts. Can't wait to tackle her!